Florim USA Rebrands as Milestone

Florim USA has decided to freshen the company profile and is re-branding the company under the name Milestone. The company will continue operations at the Clarksville, TN plant making many of the items you have come to know and love. 

There will be entirely new marketing options under the name of Milestone. We will see new sample boards that will replace the existing Florim USA logo boards.  Additionally, they will be adding a variety of new display options that Syverson Tile & Stone is excited to present in the next few months. 

Under the guidance of CEO Marco Fregni, many current product lines are being discontinued in anticipation of 8-10 new introductions in 2018. The new products will innovate the Milestone line with updated looks and designs. Please check the discontinued notices under the dealer login for current information.


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